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The staff of Emmanuel Lutheran Early Childhood Center strives to develop the whole child:

  • Socially: Children learn to share classroom materials, to take turns, and to show respect for one another and different points of view.
  • Emotionally: Children develop an awareness of right and wrong, begin to recognize feelings and learn appropriate ways to express them.
  • Physically: During outside and inside play, children develop large and small motor coordination. As they grow socially and physically, children accept changes in their own bodies and differences in others. We encourage children to take care of some of their own physical needs and grow in self-confidence.
  • Cognitively: Based upon a developmentally appropriate curriculum, children learn concepts and skills. They learn to organize, recognize, and express their thoughts and feelings. Teachers encourage children to listen, to follow directions, to convey information, and to organize their thoughts through activities such as analyzing and classifying.
  • Spiritually: Children learn to view prayer as "talking with God." Children develop a sense of God's love, forgiveness, acceptance, and protection. We include Bible stories and songs in our everyday curriculum. We have an all preschool worship service in the church sanctuary on Wednesday mornings at 11:00 a.m. Our worship services last about 20 minutes.
  • Academically: A more academic approach is reflected in our pre-kindergarten classes.

The preschool children are inquisitive bundles of energy! A typical day at our center includes a balance of vigorous and quiet activities planned around monthly and weekly themes, designed to be meaningful to the children. Circle time, music, art, and dramatic play reflect holidays, seasonal activities, family life, and other areas of interest to the children. Teachers help children develop all-important habits of learning, positive attitudes, and skills to help them grow secure in the love of God and trusting in the adults who care for them.

We maintain an average teacher/child ratio of one teacher to eight children.

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